Small Gashapon Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

Immerse yourself in the magic of discovery with the Small Gashapon Machine from our carnival event planning company. Don't be fooled by its size; this compact gem is a powerhouse of fun and anticipation. Its miniature design makes it a versatile addition suitable for countertops and small spaces, yet it stands out enough that it can pique curiosity wherever it is in Singapore. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Gashapon Machine 

What types of prizes can fit in the Small Gashapon Machine?

It’s perfect for smaller items like collectible toys, rings, stickers, and other miniature treasures.

Can I rent the Small Gashapon Machine in Singapore?

Absolutely. The Small Gashapon Machine is available for rental for both short-term events and longer durations in Singapore. Contact our team for rental details, availability, and pricing. You may also browse our lucky draw machines for more options for your events.

Can the Small Gashapon Machine be customised?

Yes, there are options for customisation to align with specific themes and events. Take a look at our Portfolio for different ideas.