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7 February 2022

How to Plan A Party In Singapore That Lets Your Guests Have The Best Day Of Their Lives

1. Set your budget and curate your guest list

Everyone loves a good party but from finding the venue to deciding on the food and entertainment, throwing a party can be a daunting task. Not sure how to plan a party in Singapore? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your party event the next talk of the town.

First and foremost, you’ll need to set a budget for your party. The budget includes how much you’d like to pay for the following:

  • Location
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games and entertainment

While the more may seem the merrier, be realistic on how many people you can accommodate. A smaller guest list makes the event intimate and allows more bonding time between the guests.

2. Choose a theme for your party

Whether it's a big celebration or small gathering with friends, a party theme makes the whole event more cohesive and memorable. Planning for the party also becomes easier as it narrows down the specific food, decorations, and games to look out for.

Party themes to consider

  • Underwater adventure
  • Space exploration
  • Wild, wild, west
  • Safari
  • Disney prince and princess
  • Pirates
  • Trending shows such as squid game

3. Find your party venue

Next, a party venue is needed to host your event. A good venue must be convenient and spacious enough to fit all the guests you wish to invite.

Some locations in Singapore suitable for parties include one’s house, clubhouses in condominiums, and community centres.

4. Decide on the food to serve

Food plays a crucial part of every successful party. Below are some party food inspirations that are bound to satisfy any hungry guests and keep everyone happy.

Main meal: Either find a food caterer that provides buffet meals or buy a variety of dishes to lay them out. Some dishes to consider include pizzas, sushi platters, tacos and burritos as well as dim sum.

Snacks: Choose easy-to-eat finger foods such as nuggets, french fries, muah chee, and hot dogs. To make your party more fun, consider engaging live food stall vendors who can serve popcorn, churros, candy floss, and ice cream on-the-spot.

5. Choose fun game activities to entertain your guests

What’s a party without party games? These games can keep everyone entertained and have a great time.

It can be hard to find creative ideas that are safe and appropriate for kids of all ages, so here are some party game inspirations.

Traditional games (Suitable for all): Go back in time and experience the games that take you back to your childhood. These traditional party games include pick up sticks, milk can toss, and marble ball games. Not only can the adults introduce the games they played in the past to their children, they can also relax and have a little bit of childish fun all over again.

Arcade games (Suitable for all): Suitable for adults and children of all ages, arcade games are downright fun. From basketball and bowling to race car simulators, these arcade games are the perfect way to foster healthy competition amongst your guests.

Interactive games (From ages 7 years and up): Interactive games are practically guaranteed to make sure everyone has a great time. These games include the classic rodeo bull, gladiator dome, and dunking tanks.

Balls pits and bouncy castles (Suitable for 1-12 years olds): Want to have that oomph factor to wow your guests? Consider ball pit and bouncy castle rentals. Their sheer size and fun are sure to make your younger party guests jump for joy.

Level Up Your Parties in Singapore With The Carnival Fair

The Carnival Fair is a one-stop carnival company specialising in carnival games, carnival rental equipment, and event management. From bouncy castles and arcade machines to live candy floss and popcorn food booths, we have over 500 carnival party equipment to choose from at the best rental prices without third-party fees. Contact us at 9099 4415 to level up your parties in Singapore today!

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