12 Safe and Fun Games Perfect for Toddler Birthday Parties

Published on:
May 12, 2024

Planning a toddler's birthday party is an exciting adventure filled with laughter, joy, and a bit of chaos.

The key to a successful party is having a variety of safe and fun games that keep the little guests entertained.

Here are 12 fantastic games that are perfect for making your toddler's birthday party a memorable event, curated by The Carnival Fair.

1. Bubble Bliss

Bubbles have a magical way of captivating toddlers.

We recommend starting your party with a Bubble Bliss game. Designate an area where an adult or older child can blow bubbles for the toddlers to chase and pop.

This game is perfect for breaking the ice and getting the kids excited.

Bubble Variations

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles: If your party extends into the evening, glow-in-the-dark bubbles add an extra layer of fun.
  • Bubble Popping Contest: See who can pop the most bubbles in a given time frame.

2. Scavenger Hunt with Toy Cars

Create a scavenger hunt where kids collect toy cars or other items. Provide simple tasks or puzzles at each station to receive the next clue.

Educational Twist

  • Sorting and Categorising: Incorporate activities that promote cognitive skills like colour matching or size sorting.

3. Musical Chairs

Another classic game perfect for toddlers.

Arrange a circle of chairs and play some lively music. When the music stops, the kids must find a chair to sit on.

Soft and Safe

  • Use Cushioned Chairs or Mats: Ensure the seating is safe and comfortable for the little ones.

4. Dance Party

Play some fun music and let the kids dance freely. This straightforward activity is always a hit.

Mini Disco

  • Disco Lights and Balloons: Create a festive dance area with lights and decorations.

5. Egg and Spoon Race

A fun and traditional game that helps develop coordination.

Use plastic eggs to avoid messes. Set up a start and finish line, and let the kids race while balancing their eggs on spoons.

Customising the Race

  • Decorate the Eggs and Spoons: Add a personal touch by letting kids decorate their own race materials.

6. Rainbow Parachute

A colourful parachute can provide endless fun.

Have the kids hold the edges and make waves, or play games like "cat and mouse" where one child tries to catch another under the parachute.

Group Play

  • Cooperative Games: Encourage teamwork by creating games where kids have to work together to achieve a goal.

7. Obstacle Course

Set up a simple indoor or outdoor obstacle course with cushions, boxes, tunnels, and hoops.

Tailor the course to fit the party theme for an immersive experience.

Themed Obstacle Challenges

  • Adventure Themes: Create sections of the course that represent different environments like a jungle or superhero training camp.

8. Dress-Up Relay

Create a fun relay race where kids dress up in costumes and run to a designated point.

This game encourages creativity and physical activity.

Tailoring to Your Theme

  • Theme-Based Costumes: Provide costumes that match your party’s theme, whether it’s superheroes, animals, or fairy tales.

9. Bubble Wrap Race

Roll out a long strip of bubble wrap and let the kids walk or crawl across it to make as much noise as possible.

This sensory game is sure to bring lots of giggles.

Adding Excitement

  • Different Challenges: Introduce tasks like hopping on one foot or walking backwards.

10. Treasure Hunt

Organise a simple treasure hunt with small gifts or treats hidden around the party area.

Provide easy-to-follow clues or a simple map to guide the toddlers on their adventure.

Themed Treasure Hunts

  • Pirate Theme: Use pirate maps and riddles to make the hunt more engaging.
  • Fairy Tale Theme: Incorporate magical elements and enchanted objects.

11. Play Monster

One child (or an adult) plays the monster and chases the other kids.

When someone is caught, they become the new monster.

Storytelling Element

  • Friendly Monster Tale: Narrate a story about a friendly monster to make the game less intimidating.

12. Musical Statues

A classic game with a toddler-friendly twist.

Play some fun music and let the kids dance around. When the music stops, they must freeze like statues. Instead of eliminating kids, keep everyone playing and offer small treats for participation.

Themed Musical Fun

  • Themed Music: Use songs that match your party's theme, whether it’s superheroes, princesses, or animals.


Creating a fun and engaging birthday party for toddlers is all about choosing the right activities.

At The Carnival Fair, we specialise in making parties unforgettable with our wide range of games and rentals.

From bouncy castles to ball pits, we have everything you need to ensure a magical and stress-free celebration.

Contact us today to start planning the ultimate birthday party for your little one!