Tall Capsule Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

Standing tall with a sleek silhouette, each Tall Capsule Machine is a testament to minimalist elegance. The unobstructed cylindrical chambers, ascending majestically, showcase an array of colourful capsules, Watch the colourful capsules spiral gracefully with every turn, each containing a world of surprises. 

Perfect for events, product launch pop-ups, or any temporary set-up, this Tall Capsule Machine Rental offers not just a prize-dispensing function but an unforgettable visual and interactive experience for all attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tall Capsule Machine Rental

Can the exterior of the Tall Capsule Machine be customised to match specific branding or themes?

Yes, customisation options are available to align with specific branding or event themes, making them versatile for various settings. Check out our Portfolio for more ideas on how to customise your Tall Capsule Machine for rental. 

How do I rent the Tall Capsule Machine from your carnival planning company in Singapore?

Renting the Tall Capsule Machine from our carnival planning company in Singapore is a simple and straightforward process. Simply add your Tall Capsule Machine to your cart, include any special instructions, and checkout. Our event planners will get in touch as soon as they can to assist you.

How do you refill the capsules on the Tall Capsule Machine?

The top-loading design ensures that refilling capsules is a straightforward and hassle-free process.