Human Claw Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

Dive into a world of playful excitement with the Human Claw Machine from our carnival event company in Singapore. Unlike traditional claw machines, this larger-than-life attraction invites participants to become the “claw” in a life-sized version of the classic machine.

Suspended safely from a harness, players are maneuvered over a sea of prizes, aiming to grab their desired item. Dive, grab, and secure your desired prizes in this huge game that guarantees laughter and memorable moments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Human Claw Machine Rental

What can I rent the Human Claw Machine for?

Ideal for carnivals, corporate team building, and product launch pop-ups, the Human Claw Machine promises laughter, thrills, and unforgettable memories.

How does the Human Claw Machine work?

Instead of a mechanical arm, participants are suspended in harnesses, turning them into the “claw”.

Is the Human Claw Machine suitable for adults?

With its sturdy construction and safety features, players of all ages can enjoy the game with peace of mind. However, participants should be within the recommended weight range, which can be provided upon inquiry.