Generators Rental In Singapore

The Carnival Fair

Ensure a seamless and uninterrupted power supply for your event with our reliable Generators. Whether you're organising a family day, carnival, or outdoor movie screening, the generators from our carnival event company in Singapore provide a dependable source of electricity to keep your event running smoothly. 

With various capacity options and modern features, our generators are designed to meet the diverse power needs of events large and small.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generators Rental In Singapore

What generator capacity do I need for my event?

The required generator capacity depends on the power needs of your event, including lighting, atmosphere effects, and other equipment. Our event planning team can assist you in determining the appropriate generator size based on your specifications.

Are the generators equipped with noise reduction features?

Yes, many of our generators come with noise reduction features to minimise disruptions during your event. We can provide information on the noise levels of specific generator models.

Is fuel included with the generator rental, and how long does a full tank last?

Fuel is typically not included in the generator rental. The fuel consumption depends on the generator's capacity and the load it supports. Our planners can provide estimates based on your event's power requirements.