Boon Lay National Day Celebration 2023

Event Date:
August 6, 2023

Let me tell you about one of the most exhilarating events we had the pleasure to be a part of – the Boon Lay National Day Celebration 2023.

The Carnival Fair brought the fun and festivity to a whole new level with our amazing lineup of carnival games, food stations, and activities.

This was not just any celebration; it was a full-blown carnival extravaganza!

Inflatable Fun Game Galore!

Inflatable Baseball: Hit it Out of the Park

Everyone had a blast with our Inflatable Baseball game. Kids and adults alike lined up to show off their batting skills. It was a home run with the crowd!

TCF Inflatable Baseball Game

Inflatable Cowboy Faceoff: Yeehaw!

Our Inflatable Cowboy Faceoff had everyone channeling their inner cowboy. It was hilarious to see participants trying to lasso and win against each other. So much laughter!

TCF Inflatable Cowboy Game

Capture the Moment

Photo Booth Service and Caricature: Say Cheese!

What’s a celebration without capturing those special moments? Our Photo Booth Service was a huge hit. With fun props and instant prints, everyone left with a souvenir to remember the day. Our talented Caricature Artist was on hand to draw whimsical portraits of the attendees as well. These personalised artworks were a unique keepsake that everyone cherished.

TCF Photo Booth Service
TCF Photo Booth Printed Frame

Table Top Games: Test Your Skills

Carnival Ring Toss Table Top Game: Aim and Win!

The Carnival Ring Toss Table Top Game was a crowd favourite. Simple yet challenging, it brought out the competitive spirit in everyone.

TCF Carnival Ring Toss Table Top Game

Milk Can Toss Table Top Game: Classic Fun

Who doesn’t love the classic Milk Can Toss? This game had everyone aiming and tossing with excitement. The sound of the cans clattering was music to our ears!

TCF Milk Can Toss Table Top Game

Archery Table Top Game: Ready, Aim, Fire!

For those with a steady hand, the Archery Table Top Game was the perfect challenge. Bulls-eyes were celebrated with cheers and high-fives all around.

TCF Archery Table Top Game

Coin Toss Table Top Game: Try Your Luck!

The Coin Toss Table Top Game was all about precision and luck. The thrill of the coin landing just right had everyone coming back for more.

TCF Coin Toss Table Top Game

Delicious Treats and Eats

Popcorn and Candy Floss Live Food Station: Sweet Delights

Our Popcorn and Candy Floss Live Food Station was the go-to spot for a sweet treat. The aroma of freshly popped popcorn and the sight of fluffy candy floss drew in the crowds.

TCF Popcorn and Candy Floss Live Station

Cup Corn Live Station: A Savoury Snack

For a savoury snack, our Cup Corn Live Station hit the spot. Hot, buttery, and delicious, it was a hit with everyone looking for a quick bite.

TCF Cup Corn Live Station

Hot Dog Bun Live Station: Classic Carnival Eats

Nothing says carnival like a hot dog. Our Hot Dog Bun Live Station served up these classic treats, satisfying the hunger of many happy attendees.

TCF Hot Dog Bun Live Station

Comfort and Convenience

Tentages: Covered and Comfortable

Our tentages provided much-needed shade and comfort, ensuring everyone could enjoy the festivities no matter the weather.

TCF Tentages Rental

Tables and Chairs Rental: Sit Back and Relax

With all the fun and excitement, having a place to sit and relax was essential. Our tables and chairs rental ensured everyone had a spot to rest and enjoy their snacks.

Wrapping Up an Unforgettable Day

The Boon Lay National Day Celebration 2023 was a massive success, and we at The Carnival Fair are thrilled to have been a part of it. From fun games and activities to delicious food and comfy seating, we made sure every detail was perfect. We can't wait to bring more fun and joy to your next event! Contact us today to get The Carnival Fair to plan your next event!

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