The Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle Rental

The Carnival Fair

Step right up to an unforgettable adventure with The Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle! This vibrant inflatable attraction brings the joy of a classic carnival to your family day, product launch or any other event in Singapore. 

Watch as children bounce and play amidst whimsical carnival-themed elements, from a colourful ferris wheel to an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster. The Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle is crafted with safety in mind, featuring secure netting and sturdy materials. Transform any occasion into a carnival celebration with this inflatable delight that promises hours of laughter and excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle Rental

What is the recommended age range for The Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle?

This bouncy castle is suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years, ensuring a safe and enjoyable mega playground experience for a wide range of ages.

Can it be set up on any surface?

Yes, the Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle can be set up on any flat surfaces indoors and outdoors. Simply rent yours today from our carnival event company in Singapore. Our rental package provides a hassle-free experience, including set-up, maintenance during the event, and post-event tear-down.

How long does it take to inflate and deflate? 

Typically, it takes about 10-15 minutes to inflate the bouncy castle. Deflation is also quick and easy, taking approximately 20 minutes.