Shrink Art Activity

The Carnival Fair

Shrink Art takes your art projects to a whole new dimension! This innovative craft involves creating designs on special plastic sheets, which then magically shrink and thicken when heated. The result is a miniature masterpiece that you can use for keychains, jewellery, ornaments, and more. 

Whether you're crafting keepsakes or personalised gifts, Shrink Art allows you to explore your artistic talents and produce captivating, miniature artworks with a fascinating twist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shrink Art Activity

How do I shrink the Shrink Art designs? 

Shrink Art sheets will be heated with a heat gun by event helpers from our carnival event company in Singapore. They will visibly shrink and thicken within seconds.

Is this activity safe for children to enjoy? 

Shrink Art is generally safe for kids, but adult supervision is recommended. Check out our other Kiddy Rides and Fringe Activities for your events in Singapore.

Can I use colour pencils or markers to create designs on Shrink Art sheets? 

Yes, you can use colour pencils, markers, or other art supplies to create your designs.