Sand Art Activity

The Carnival Fair

Dive into the mesmerising world of creativity with Sand Art from our carnival event company in Singapore! Unleash your inner artist as you design stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpieces with coloured sand. This engaging craft is perfect for children and adults alike, providing hours of relaxation and artistic expression at family days, corporate team-building events, and carnivals in Singapore.

Simply peel back the pre-cut adhesive templates and sprinkle the vibrant sand onto them to bring your designs to life. With a wide range of templates and colours to choose from, Sand Art is an ideal activity to explore your imagination and create captivating, textured art pieces that you'll be proud to display.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sand Art Activity

Is Sand Art suitable for all ages? 

Yes, Sand Art is a versatile craft that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Younger children may need some assistance, but it's a fantastic creative activity for all ages. Explore our other Fringe Activities for your events in Singapore.

Can I create my own designs, or are templates provided?

We offer pre-cut templates, but you can also let your imagination run wild and design your own sand art creations.

Is the sand safe and non-toxic for kids? 

Yes, the sand is non-toxic and safe for children to handle.