Sports Arena

The Carnival Fair

Score big at your event with the Sports Arena Bouncy Castle from our carnival event company in Singapore! This inflatable masterpiece transforms any space into a sports haven, featuring vibrant graphics of soccer and basketball. 

The Sports Arena Bouncy Castle is not only visually exciting but also designed with fun features like a gigantic slide. Watch as little athletes bounce, jump, and play in a dynamic and active environment that celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship. Pair this bouncy castle with our Ball Pits and Kiddy Rides for triple the fun!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Arena Bouncy Castle Rental

Can the Sports Arena Bouncy Castle be used for multiple sports-themed events? 

Absolutely! This versatile bouncy castle is perfect for a variety of sports-themed occasions, from birthday parties to product launches. Check out our other interactive sports arcade machines for more fun!

What is the maximum capacity of the Sports Arena Bouncy Castle? 

The recommended maximum capacity for this bouncy castle is 8 to 10 children, depending on their age and size.

Is it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use? 

Yes, the Sports Arena Bouncy Castle can be set up both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility for different event locations.