Pump It Up Arcade Dance Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

Unleash your inner dance champion with Pump It Up! Get ready to groove and sweat to the rhythm as you step on the dance platform. This arcade dance machine offers a dynamic, immersive experience that combines music, dance, and gaming. 

With its diverse song selection and challenging levels, Pump It Up will keep you entertained for hours at carnivals, family days, and birthday parties. This is the ultimate way to move and groove, whether you're dancing solo or competing with friends. Rent yours today from our carnival event company in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pump It Up Arcade Dance Machine Rental

Is the Pump It Up Arcade Dance Machine suitable for beginners? 

Yes, Pump It Up offers different difficulty levels, so both beginners and experienced dancers can enjoy it.

Can I connect my own music to the game? 

Unfortunately, you can't import your own songs, but the game offers a wide variety of tracks in different genres.

How many players can join at once on the Pump It Up Arcade Dance Machine? 

Most Pump It Up machines allow for up to two players to dance simultaneously, making it a great option for friendly dance-offs.