Plinko Game Rental

The Carnival Fair

Rediscover the magic of chance with the Plinko Game. An iconic game of luck, participants drop a chip from the top of the board and watch eagerly as it bounces through a maze of pegs before landing in a designated slot, revealing their prize.

Plinko is a game that requires no skill, only the thrill of anticipation. Perfect for carnivals, movie screenings, or any gathering, the Plinko Game guarantees engagement, excitement, and an aura of nostalgia. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Plinko Game Rental

Is Plinko suitable for kids?

Yes, Plinko is suitable for kids. The game is straightforward, relying on the simple concept of dropping a chip and watching it bounce through pegs to land in a designated prize slot. Its easy mechanics and the excitement of anticipation make it a popular choice for children of various ages.

Can the Plinko Game prize slots be customised for specific events?
Yes, the prize slots can be tailored to fit the theme or requirements of your event, offering flexibility in rewards. Browse our Portfolio for more ideas and check out our lucky draw machines by our carnival event company in Singapore

Is the Plinko Game suitable for both indoor and outdoor events?
The game is versatile and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. However, if used outdoors, it should be placed in a sheltered location to avoid direct exposure to elements.