Large Gashapon Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

Behold the colossal charm of the Large Gashapon Machine by our carnival event planning company in Singapore. A grandeur of excitement and mystery, its imposing stature and vast capacity not only promise an abundance of treasures but also position it as a centrepiece of attraction, drawing crowds and ensuring lasting impressions.

Available in lively colours, the Large Gashapon Machine adds a pop of colour to any space. The clear cylindrical chamber showcases a cascade of colourful capsules, enticing users with a visual treat before the actual prize. Crafted with a sturdy base and an easy-to-use twist mechanism, every turn guarantees a delightful surprise! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Gashapon Machine Rental

Is the Large Gashapon Machine suitable for all ages?

Yes, it’s designed to be user-friendly and safe for both kids and adults, offering large prizes for grander excitement, be it at a carnival or movie screening.

How often does the Large Gashapon Machine need to be refilled?

Each dispenser is designed to hold a generous amount of capsules. Thanks to its large capacity, the need for frequent refills is reduced, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.

Is the Large Gashapon Machine mobile or stationary?

Given its size, the Large Gashapon Machine is stationary and is a majestic attraction at any event or establishment, which definitely makes it an important tool for successful marketing and branding.