Heart-Shaped Balloon Arch Rental In Singapore

The Carnival Fair

Elevate the romance at your event with our Heart-Shaped Balloon Arch. Perfect for weddings, engagement parties, or anniversary celebrations, this enchanting decor piece adds a touch of love and whimsy to any venue. 

The carefully arranged heart-shaped balloons create a captivating focal point, serving as a romantic backdrop for photo opportunities and setting the stage for heartfelt moments during your special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heart-Shaped Balloon Arch Rental In Singapore

Can the Heart-Shaped Balloon Arch be customised with specific colours for my event?

Yes, the Heart-Shaped Balloon Arch from our carnival event company in Singapore can be customised with a variety of colours to match the specific theme and colour palette of your event, whether you’re organising an intimate birthday party or big product launch. Explore our Portfolio for more ideas!

Is helium used to inflate the balloons in the heart-shaped arch?

Helium is commonly used to achieve the desired floating effect for heart-shaped balloons. Our carnival event planners can provide options based on your preferences and event requirements.

How long do the balloons in the heart-shaped arch stay inflated?

The duration of balloon inflation depends on environmental factors. However, our team ensures that the balloons are treated to maintain their vibrancy throughout your event.