Giant Capsule Ball Machine Rental

The Carnival Fair

The Giant Capsule Ball Machine by our carnival event planning company in Singapore is a large, easy-to-use dispenser offering a variety of prizes encased in colourful capsules. The large, transparent globe sits atop, offering a dreamy view of the vibrant pink capsules inside, each promising a treasured surprise. 

Adding to its convenience, the Giant Capsule Ball Machine is set on smooth-rolling casters for easy relocation. It's perfect for attracting crowds at family days, product launches, and carnivals in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giant Capsule Ball Machine Rental

What type of prizes can be included in the capsules?

The capsules can accommodate a variety of items, such as small toys, jewellery, keychains, stickers, collectibles, and other novelty items, depending on your event.

Can the Giant Capsule Ball Machine be customised?

Yes, the Giant Capsule Ball Machine can be customised in terms of its exterior design, colour, and capsules. Take a look at our Portfolio for more ideas.

Is the machine easy to refill?

Yes, the top-loading design facilitates hassle-free refilling of capsules. Browse our other lucky draw machines by our event planning company in Singapore.