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7 November 2021

Squid Game Theme Party

If you haven’t watched Squid Game yet, you’ve probably heard about it. The South Korean action-thriller has taken over Netflix, becoming the platform’s most-watched show ever.

The show focuses on 456 contestants trying to win a cash prize of £28.2 million by playing a series of playground games. The twist? If you lose, you die.

The popularity of the show has taken over social media, with people making their own Squid Game-like challenges at home. In Abu Dhabi, The Korean Cultural Centre is even hosting its very own Squid Game (without the violence, of course).

Contact TheCarnivalFair's Sales Jaylon -  9099 4415 to enquire now! Drop us a quick email at today for your very own Squid Game Themed Party!


1 . Squid Game Decoration

  • 3 Hours of 3m (Width) x 2m (Height) Squid Game Backdrop for Photo taking session.
  • Birthday Boy/Girl to wear Front Man’s Super Scary Uniform.
  • 5 Pink Solider Costume and Nerf Gun
  • 15 Player Name Tag

2 . Party Music

  • Fly Me To The Moon’ by Joo Won as Introduction
  • The other 23 Theme Song for Squid Game
  • Of course, while playing, we will play each suitable song for each Game.

3.  Games to Host

  • Recruiter round - Ddakji
    This game, also called ttakji, is similar to the 90s game Pog. The goal is to flip one tile by slamming it with the other. It takes a lot of practice to succeed at it though.

    To recognise who will be Pink Soldiers and Player
  • Round 1 - Red light, green light

In this one, a nominated ‘tagger’ turns his/her back on the group and sings a song that matches the game’s real Korean name, which translates to “the mugunghwa flower has bloomed.” The mugunghwa is the Korean national flower.

  • Round 2 - Honeycomb/Ppopgi
    The gamers cut stamped shapes out of a honeycomb candy, which is called ppopgi and is also known as dalgona. In real life street vendors would sell the candy with a shape stamped into it and children would try and cut it out perfectly.
  • Round 3 - Tug of War

    This is as simple as it sounds, and we have the same game here. It is known as juldarigi, or rope pulling, and has been popular in Korea since ancient times when it was played during the lunar festival.
  • Round 4 - Marbles

    This round is based on marbles, which is popular around the world, but it is interpreted slightly differently in the show. For those in Squid Game, teams of two are given two sets of 10 marbles and one of them must obtain all of the marbles without using violence.
  • Round 5 - Glass stepping stones

    In this round players have to hop across a suspended bridge lined with panels of glass – but some of it is normal and some of it tempered, or made stronger.
    If one of the Squid Game players chose a normal pane, then it would break and they would fall. This was inspired by games such as hopscotch.
  • Final round - Squid Game

    This is a version of tag, and was played in South Korea in the 70s and 80s. It is played on a squid-like field, which is basically a square with a triangle on top, and a circle above that Two teams go up against one another, a defender and an attacker. A player from the offensive team must reach the squid’s head at the top and touch it with their foot, but the defensive team will do everything to stop it. t.

4 .  Cake Cutting Ceremony

  • Let's get Everybody to Gather and host the Cake Cutting Ceremony.
  • Light the Cake Up
  • Smile for some pictures
  • Count to three so everyone starts the song at the same time. In school, kids are usually taught different versions (Eg. Mandarin) I may let the kids take control of the different versions they want to see.

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