Mario Kart

The Carnival Fair

Race against your friends or rivals in iconic locations from the Mushroom Kingdom, battle it out on Rainbow Road, or take a tour of Toad's Turnpike on the Mario Kart Arcade Machine. With 32 tracks to choose from, there's plenty of action for anyone looking for some fast-paced fun.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Driving Machine features 32 variations of courses across eight different worlds, with the ability to link up to four players. Multi-player is a blast, and is even more fun than single play, making it ideal for parties or family gatherings. 

Mario Kart also features live play-by-play commentary and a camera above the monitor, known as a 'Nam Cam', which projects the player's face onto the screen as their chosen character. For example, players who select Mario will appear wearing the iconic red hat and moustache.

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166cm x 163cm x 204cm(H)


1 x PowerPoint