LED Air Hockey Table Rental

The Carnival Fair

Turn your game room into an electrifying arena with our LED Air Hockey Table! This cutting-edge table combines the timeless fun of air hockey with a futuristic twist. The integrated LED lighting system illuminates the playing surface, creating a dazzling, immersive experience.

With a powerful motor that ensures a smooth and fast puck glide, this table promises endless hours of thrilling competition and entertainment. Perfect for family gatherings,  birthday parties, or friendly competitions, the LED Air Hockey Table is a must-have for anyone seeking excitement and high-speed action for their events in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Air Hockey Table Rental

Can I turn off the LED lights if I prefer a standard air hockey experience? 

Yes, you have the option to turn off the LED lights, allowing you to play with or without the captivating light show.

Is the assembly of the LED Air Hockey Table complicated if I rent it? 

You won't need to do any assembly when you rent the LED Air Hockey Table from our carnival event company in Singapore. Our rental package ensures a seamless experience, encompassing set-up, on-site maintenance throughout the event, and post-event clean-up, making it hassle-free for you.

What's the size of the playing surface on the LED Air Hockey Table? 

The LED Air Hockey Table offers a 3.7m-long playing surface, providing ample space for exciting matches.