What Carnival Games Should You Include In Your Corporate Event?

What Carnival Games Should You Include In Your Corporate Event?

What carnival games should you include in your corporate eventdf?

These days, corporate events need to be entertaining, engaging and, above all else – memorable. So why not shake things up by including some carnival games? They are a great icebreaker and are guaranteed to get everyone mingling, laughing, and having fun! Plus, they're easy to set up and can be tailored to suit any company or theme. 

But with so many games to choose from, which ones should you go for? Here are ten of our favourite carnival games in Singapore to include in your corporate event.

1. Bank A Ball

The Bank A Ball carnival game is a classic test of skill. Players must use a small ball to bounce off the backboard and into one of the  baskets. The key to success in this game is accuracy and strength. Players must be careful not to overshoot the baskets, as this will result in lost points. At the same time, they must control their strength carefully to make sure that the ball hits the backboard at just the right angle. Time to grab a ball and see if you can become the next champion!

2. Balloon Darts

Another firm favourite, this Balloon Dart carnival game is guaranteed to get people laughing – especially when they try (and fail) to pop the balloons! You can add an extra element of competition by seeing who can pop the most balloons in a set time period, or award prizes for the best shot. Either way, it's sure to be a hit with your guests.

3. Roll A Ball

Roll A Ball is a fun way to test your accuracy and win prizes. Players roll a large ball along a pre-marked course, aiming to land the ball in one of the numbered holes. This carnival game is simple to understand but difficult to master and players can quickly become addicted to trying to beat their previous score.

4. Bottle Ring Toss

Bottle Ring Toss is a classic carnival game that's ideal for corporate events as it can be played by people of all ages and abilities. You could grand prize for anyone who manages to get one ring on in one throw!

Make Your Corporate Party A Hit With The Carnival Fair

So, there you have it – ten carnival games in Singapore that are guaranteed to make your corporate event a hit! 

Now all you need to do is choose which ones you want to include. Simply choose your favourites from our list above and get planning! You can even tailor the games to your company by using branded decal or making the targets company-specific.

The Carnival Fair is Singapore’s leading corporate event party planner. Check out our different carnival games and custom events for more inspiration. With so many different ones to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your company's corporate event. Have questions? Simply contact us to find out more about our corporate event planning services today!