December 2022 School Holiday Activities To Occupy The Kids In Singapore

December 2022 School Holiday Activities To Occupy The Kids In Singapore

As we all learnt from the June holidays, Keeping the kids occupied during the school break can be a challenge. With parents busy trying to juggle work and family, it’s important to have some creative ideas up your sleeve for activities they can do while at home or out and about.

Looking for things to do in Singapore? Here are five ideas that are sure to keep your kids entertained during their school holiday break.

1. Make homemade snow globes

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday r season than by making your own snow globes! All you need is a transparent jar, glycerin which keeps the “snow” suspended in water, glitter, and a few trinkets or toys to add inside the jar. Simply fill the jar with water and glycerin, add the glitter and toys, and glue on the lid. Shake it up and watch as snowflakes flutter around your wintery scene! You can also decorate your jars with paint or markers for an added touch of holiday cheer. This is definitely one of the more fun activities to do during the December school holidays in Singapore!

2. Create a family time capsule

Get creative this holiday season by creating a family time capsule! Prepare a box or container and items from around your house that represent this unique moment in time (photos, mementos from vacations or special events, etc.). Assemble everything into your box/container, wrap it up, label it with today’s date (so you know when to open it!), and store it away until next year!

3. Go on an outdoor nature walk

If the weather allows for it, go exploring outdoors during the Decemeber school holidays! Take a nature walk through nearby parks and observe all of the wildlife that calls these places home. This is a great activity to get them moving while teaching them about their environment. Let your kids collect leaves, stones, or feathers along their journey so they have something tangible from their adventure when they come back home afterwards too!

4. Do some festive baking

Looking for a chill thing to do with the kids in Singapore? What better way to celebrate the holiday than by baking festive treats? Get creative in the kitchen together - bake cookies, muffins, pies, bread, cakes, or anything sweet! Your kids will love helping out while learning valuable skills like measuring ingredients, mixing doughs, and spreading icings. Plus, when all is said and done they’ll have delicious goodies to eat. Be sure to wash your hands so the food is kept clean!

5. Have a game night

Nothing beats good old-fashioned game night! Gather up all of your favourite board games (or make up some new ones!) and have everyone take turns picking which one they want to play next. You could also create an indoor scavenger hunt in which teams compete against each other to see who can find hidden items or complete tasks first!

To celebrate with a bigger bang, why not rent some carnival games? From bouncy castles to ball pits, there's a multitude of options available to ensure your guests have loads of fun this coming December school holiday in Singapore.

Or how about heading to the different arcade centres across the island? Venture out together as a family and get ready to enjoy a night of sweat, laughs and cheers.

Celebrate The Upcoming December School Holidays With The Carnival Fair

With so many fun activities available during the December school holidays, there really isn't any excuse not to keep your kids entertained! Whether they prefer being indoors or outdoors, include one of these five things on your list this year for guaranteed family-friendly entertainment.

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