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20 August 2019

5 important planning tips for hosting a successful carnival event

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Planning for a carnival event is always stressful, whether it’s for a personal (birthday, wedding, graduation) or corporate (roadshows, product launch, company dinner)


If you’re not sure what a carnival event is, it’s just like any other normal events, but spiced up with fun carnival equipment and food booths for guests to enjoy.


So how do you know if your event is successful? Keep reading to find out!


Carnival events are especially popular with adults that want to relieve the nostalgic feeling of the ’90s in Singapore their own event. It’s also a good way to keep kids off their smartphones and have fun together!


The tips that will be given in this article can be applied to any other types of events as well.


Here are 5 tips from us to hosting your own carnival event successfully.


Decide a theme for your event

traditional dragon bouncy castle rental
Dragon Playground Bouncy Castle for '90s Theme

Deciding the theme for your carnival event should be done first before anything else. Some popular themes are:

  1. Classic Summertime BBQ
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Spring has Begun

Source: Dragon Playground Bouncy castle for 90's theme, 25 Corporate Event Themes for Unforgettable Company Parties


It may not be necessary for an event, but it’s crucial for a successful one. Having a theme allows you to have a clear idea of how you want your event to look and feel, and it makes the overall planning easier.


Find the estimated pax of your guests

Knowing around how many people will be attending your event will give you an idea of finding the venue of the right size.


Get a small venue, you get too many guests, they’ll have to stand outside.

Get a large venue, too little guests, your event will look awkward.


Having an estimated number of people attending will help you find a venue of the perfect size.


Some of the most common ways to doing this are:

  • Setting up an RSVP system
  • Limiting the invitation to people of selected groups
  • Having a ticket system
  • Asking around who are coming (for smaller events)


Always prepare your venue for the worst

Our affordable Gazebo tents!

Carnival events are most popular outdoors, where kids can run around under the sun and enjoy the games.


However, the weather is unpredictable. As Murphy’s law states: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.


If you’re looking to host your event outdoor, always be prepared with some tents.

Source: Gazebo tents


Most Importantly, Carnival Equipment!

ball pit rental
Our ball pits!


What’s a carnival event without carnival equipment? That’s right, a boring event. Here at The Carnival Fair, we offer a wide variety of products and services to cater to events of all types in Singapore, especially carnival events.


In this segment, we will be introducing some of our most popular products from food booths to entertainment.


So the big question, how do we gauge if an event is successful or not?


3 words.


Smiles, Volume, Response.


In our experience, carnival equipment elevates the mood of guests by keeping them occupied. It’s also a good subtle way to tell them that: “Hey, this event was well thought out, so it’s legit”.


Here are some of our most popular products:


Live food stations

This one’s simple. Everyone loves food, especially when it’s free.


Here at The Carnival Fair, the most popular live food stations are:

pop corn and candy floss booth
Popcorn and Candy Floss Booth

Commonly rented in together, the Popcorn & Candy Floss Live food station complients each other by giving your guests two options of snacks to choose from.

Savoury while easy to eat, popcorn and candy floss is perfect for almost all occassions. Especially popular for carnival events, roadshows and birthday parties.


Starting from only $80 for 3 hours of free-flow food!


Bouncy castles

If there are adults, there will most likely be kids. Events don’t happen all the time so sometimes adults just want their kids to be occupied somewhere while they enjoy themselves.


Bouncy castles are a perfect way to do that!


Here at The Carnival Fair, renting a bouncy castle starts from only $88! For the whole day! Such as:

Clown Bouncy

Clown Bouncy is perfect for small venues that holds up to 4 children at once. Very cozy!


Knight's Castle

Knight's Castle bouncy castle is perfect for medium sized venues that holds up to 8 children at once. Guaranteed lots of fun and shouting!


Looking for something HUGE?

Survival Challenge Obstacle

We have the Survival Challenge Bouncy Castle, which is over 24m long!  


Arcade Machines

arcade machine daytona usa rental singapore

If you are looking for more of an interactive kind of party, our Arcade Machines are perfect for it! Here at The Carnival Fair, we have all types of machines such as “Whack a Frog”, “Bishi Bashi” or “Daytona USA”.


Starting at only 300, Arcade machines are great for complementing the theme of your event!


Game stalls

Pick Up Sticks traditional game

Fun for both kids and adults, game stalls are a good and challenging way for families to bond together.


Here at The Carnival Fair, renting game stalls start at only $100 each, just provide a table and we can get the fun started!



magician talent rental

Magicians, Balloonist, Face painters, choose to WOW your guests or give your guests something to take away from your event. Even better, both!


Here at The Carnival Fair, our talents are available for hire starting at only $80!


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